Sonny Nious-Randle's portrait for CFI

Sonja (Sonny) Y. Nious-Randle

Diversity and Inclusion Specialist

Sonja (Sonny) Y. Nious-Randle currently serves as a Diversity and Inclusion Specialist at CFI, bringing over three decades of deep expertise in the field. A Chicago native, Sonny holds an Associate of Arts from Milwaukee Area Technical College and a Bachelor’s in Communication from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. She is currently enrolled in a Master’s degree program at the University of Wisconsin-Parkside studying Business Communication with certifications in Community Engagement and Gender & LGBTQ+ Studies, with graduation in 2024.

Sonny has been instrumental in designing and launching programs focused on LGBTQ+ issues, linguistic diversity, and support for marginalized communities in the workplace. Her career started with a role as a Senior Training Specialist at Kelch and Virtex, where she led pioneering efforts in associate mentoring and unconscious bias training. She then advanced to a Quality/Manufacturing Plant Support Lead at Sussex IM, where she developed and successfully implemented a comprehensive D&I strategy. With an aspiration to become a leading voice in diversity and inclusion, Sonny is deeply committed to her ongoing professional and academic development. She prioritizes programs and initiatives that elevate sensitivity awareness and broaden inclusivity.

On a personal note, her role at CFI aligns with her professional ambitions and resonates with her personal beliefs and values. Outside of her professional commitments, Sonny is an avid learner who enjoys writing music, engineering music, and studying music history.

"In music, each note holds its value, and in society, so does each individual. Through diversity, equity, and inclusion, we make a masterpiece."- Sonja (Sonny) Y. Nious-Randle.