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Behavioral Health

Every year, almost 3,000 adults living with serious mental illness, addiction or a chronic health condition receive help through MCFI Behavioral Health. We offer all the services needed – from outpatient clinical services to supportive case management and housing – to aid in treatment and recovery.

We accept all insurances including Medicaid and Medicare. If you do not have insurance, we offer a sliding scale fee based on your income and family size. No one will be denied services regardless of insurance status or ability to pay.

Program funding is in partnership with Milwaukee County DHHS.

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New offering: Behavioral Health Services for 5 and younger

MCFI’s Behavioral Health Services is expanding its services to treat children ages 5 and younger who are experiencing mental health issues.

Cindy Bowerman

Success Story: Achieving a life-long dream

Since she was a teenager, Cindy Bowerman has battled depression and doubts in her self-confidence. However, sometimes hidden behind that was a desire and appreciation by Cindy for the teachers she had growing up.

She wanted to be a teacher ever since she was in kindergarten. Cindy called it “enlightening” to see how someone could have an influence on someone’s life.

In 2020, Cindy met Ron Mendyke and he became her psychotherapist at MCFI Behavioral Health. After several conversations over the phone, Ron recognized Cindy’s desire for learning and teaching, calling her having a “thirst for learning.”

Over the last several years, the two focused on Cindy to become a teacher. She wants to teach special education. In the middle of 2022, Cindy took one big step toward that goal when she took several steps across the stage at Fiserv Forum in Milwaukee, receiving her two-year degree from Milwaukee Area Technical College.

Then, in the fall of 2022, Cindy was sitting inside classrooms at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee completing the next phase of the journey to become a teacher.

“I’m very excited about it,” Cindy said. “When I was done and at graduation (at MATC), it was like this overwhelming feeling of satisfaction, that I did it. I was just very excited about I came so far in so few years.”

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Behavioral Health

MCFI Behavioral Health provides comprehensive team-based care. We offer behavioral health care, rehabilitation and support services.

It also provides evidence-based peer support services and uses a trauma-informed approach, which understands, recognizes and responds to the effect of all types of trauma.

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Who We Serve

Our mental health services are aimed at adults in need of behavioral health care assistance.

What We Offer

Assertive Community Treatment (ACT), an intense and highly integrated approach for community mental health, serving people whose symptoms of mental illness result in severe functional difficulties that interfere with their ability to achieve personally meaningful recovery goals in several major areas of life: working, having friends, living independently and medication management.

Crisis Resource Centers (CRCs), community based psychiatric crisis-intervention programs that provide recovery-focused assessment, stabilization, psychosocial groups and peer support. The CRCs are an innovative, highly personalized response to people experiencing a crisis precipitated by mental illness, substance abuse or the challenges of living in hard economic times. The CRCs are a 24/7 community based alternative to an emergency room or inpatient hospitalization.


Community-Based Residential Facilities (CBRFs) provide affordable housing for people living with mental illness with intensive, round-the-clock services; supported apartments, which offer support services on a less-intensive basis than for residents in CBRFs; and independent apartments.

Case management that includes assessment, service-plan development, linkage to community supports (care coordination), advocacy, monitoring and follow-up, and crisis-assistance planning for people with chronic mental illness and or substance abuse who are working toward recovery.

Counseling and addiction treatment that provides evidenced-based interventions for adults with severe mental illness. We provide: individual and group psychotherapy, injection-clinic services, nursing services, psychiatry services, psychological testing, and treatment for adolescents experiencing their first episode of illness.

Medication management from our on-site pharmacy that assesses medication regimens, understands contraindications, reviews lab work, consults with physicians, and coordinates the appropriate pharmacy interventions.

Benefit advocacy that helps people who are homeless or uninsured obtain health-care coverage. The type of coverage is dependent on the person’s current economic level. Insurances include: Medicaid, Medicare, HMO, Badger Care and Market Place.

Contact Info & Locations

Office Hours

Monday through Friday: 7:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
Phone: 414-476-9675
Fax: 414-476-9615

Office Location

2020 W. Wells St., Milwaukee, WI 53233

Crisis Resource Center-South

2057 S. 14th St., Milwaukee, WI 53204

Crisis Resource Center-West

5566 N. 69th St. Milwaukee, WI 53218

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CBRF Training and Education

MCFI Behavioral Health provides top-quality community based residential facility (CBRF) certification training from instructors certified by the state of Wisconsin.

We open our classes to anyone in the community interested in CBRF training as well as employers who require quality training for their employees.




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Who We Serve

Adults interested in becoming certified to work in a CBRF and employers interested in staff training.

What We Offer

Top-quality CBRF training for those who want opportunities to work in this fast-growing field.

Contact Info & Location

Office Hours Monday through Friday: 7:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
Phone: 414-459-3026
Fax: 414-476-9615
2020 W. Wells St., Milwaukee, WI 53233