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Services for Adults

We provide supportive services that range from in-home personal care to fun and exciting recreational activities.

Program funding is in partnership with Milwaukee County DHHS.

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Clients enjoying gift of hydroponics

Who doesn’t love fresh food straight from a garden? Our day program clients sure do.

The family of one of the program participants made a generous donation so that it could purchase a hydroponics system for the department.

“Our participants love growing and eating their own food,” said Susan Winans, who oversees our horticulture programming.

Hydroponics is a way of growing plants without using soil. Instead of getting nutrients from soil, plants get the nutrients needed from the water that is constantly pumped through the system. The participants add other necessary nutrients to the water. Because the nutrient and pH levels, and the light source, remain consistent, this is considered an efficient way to grow food.

Transplanting seed in hydroponic farm
Client petting horse at equine therapy

MCFI participants experience equine assisted therapy

MCFI, an affiliate of Centers for Independence, and its Brain Health program travel to MKE Urban Stables each week to interact with the different animals housed at the stable. The participants walk with the animals, groom them and participate in other activities.

Learn more about the interaction participants have with the animals in this video.

Adult Day Services

Our Adult Day Services focus on wellness, offering adults and young adults a chance to live more independently.

Music therapy connects clients in emotional way

MCFI, an affiliate of CFI, has offered music therapy for more than 20 years, providing multiple clinical benefits for people with physical or development disabilities, neurological or other life-limiting conditions.

Learn more about the value and music therapy's impact on MCFI's participants.

Transplanting seed in hydroponic farm
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Who We Serve

What We Offer

Our Adult Day services, also known as LIFE (Leisure, Inclusion, Fun and Employment) offers a range of experiences and opportunities that help people with disabilities increase their independent living skills; improve health and well-being; prepare for employment, if a goal for individual participants; and improve opportunities to socialize and be an active part of the community.

Contact Info & Location

Office Hours Monday through Friday: 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Call: 414-937-2099 Fax: 414-481-1433 Email: Office Location 2020 W. Wells St., Milwaukee, WI 5233
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Brain Health

People recovering from a brain injury, stroke or neurological condition get the rehabilitation help they need through our brain health program.

Tristen poses at Mitchell Park Domes

Success Story: 'I'm living my best life'

Tristen Campbell is a survivor and an inspiration. In a three-year span, he had three strokes, including one while on the operating table undergoing brain surgery in 2019.

Tristen, now 33, was born with a rare disease called moyamoya- a rare, progressive cerebrovascular disorder caused by blocked arteries at the base of the brain. It diminishes the amount of oxygen being carried to his brain, which can lead to a stroke.

The surgery, which was to help restore blood flow to this brain, was a success, eliminating not only his risk of another stroke, but having to live with the fear of having one.

As a result of the surgery and disease, though, Tristen struggles with his speech, speaking too fast and often having to repeat himself several times.

Tristen turned to MCFI’s Brain Health program in 2019 to improve not only his speech but also his quality of life.

“Tristen has come a very long way since he first started with us,” said Taylor Anderson, case manager/Brain Health Day Program. “Although his communication skills remain a primary focus and goal for him, he has developed a lot in this area. He has become extremely thoughtful to others including peers and staff.”

One of the tactics used to help Tristen slow his speech is by using verbal cues as well as tapping out his syllables.

“He has worked hard every day that he is with us at MCFI to achieve his goals,” said Erin Dentice, LIFE Services supervisor.

Tristen has found many ways to be active and involved with his peers while at MCFI. One of the activities he enjoys is volunteering with Meals on Wheels because he is giving back to the community.

He also participates in several activities each day at MCFI, including art, bowling and playing board games. He's also working toward many other goals, including going back to school and finding work.

“They’re like my second family,” Tristen said about his peers and the staff at MCFI, also adding, “I’m living my best life.”

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Who We Serve

Adults recovering from a traumatic or acquired brain injury, stroke, or work-related injury.

What We Offer

  • People recovering from a brain injury, stroke or neurological condition get the rehabilitation help they need through our brain health program.
  • Our interdisciplinary team provides community based outpatient services and treatment in one convenient location. Educational resources and support are available for clients, caregivers and families.
  • Our services include rehabilitation, medication management, and community and social re-integration.

Contact Info & Location

Office Hours Monday through Friday: 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Phone: 414-937-2147 Fax: 414-937-2021 Email: Office Location 2020 W. Wells St., Milwaukee, WI 53233
Caregiver with elderly person

Home Care

Supporting independence at home and in the community.

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Who We Serve

People of all ages with various abilities, strengths, skills, and resources throughout Wisconsin.

What We Offer

  • Our caregivers at MCFI Home Care help individuals remain in their own homes by providing personal care, supportive home care, respite, and companionship. Our community service providers assist people with daily living skills training, medication education and management, wellness management, parenting classes, and more.
  • MCFI Home Care is a nonprofit organization committed to providing high-quality services that help people in the community remain as independent as possible.

Contact Info & Locations

Office Hours Monday through Friday: 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Call: 414-290-0050 Toll-free: 888-381-5696 Email: Click here Office Location 2020 W. Wells St., Milwaukee, WI 53233


iLIFE, LLC, is an affiliate of the Centers for Independence. It is a financial management services provider for people enrolled in long-term care programs. We process payroll, handle taxes, and educate consumers to help program participants gain independence.

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Who We Serve

Older adults and people with disabilities who participate in a self-directed support program.

What We Offer

Support for people in long-term care programs.

Contact Info

We provide services statewide and have office locations in Glendale, Madison, Eau Claire, Rice Lake and Wausau.

First Person Care Consultants

First Person Care Consultants is an affiliate of the Centers for Independence. it is a nonprofit organization and certified IRIS Consultant Agency. We provide experienced consultants to support IRIS participants of all ages and abilities as they self-direct their long-term care services.

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Who We Serve

Older adults and people with disabilities who are enrolled in the IRIS program.

What We Offer

  • Enrolling in IRIS.
  • Developing your personal, self-directed service plan.
  • Talking with you about your long-term care choices.
  • Completing annual IRIS education requirements and forms.
  • Completing required annual screenings.
  • Supporting your right to self-direct your services.
  • Resolving any conflicts or issues related to the program.

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