Tristen poses at Mitchell Park Domes

June 2023 Talking Points: MCFI participant is an inspiration, a survivor

By Nicholas Dettmann, Social Media and Digital Specialist

Tristen Campbell is a survivor and an inspiration. In a three-year span, he had three strokes, including one while on the operating table undergoing brain surgery in 2019.

Tristen, now 33, was born with a rare disease called moyamoya- a progressive cerebrovascular disorder caused by blocked arteries at the base of the brain. It diminishes the amount of oxygen being carried to his brain, which can lead to a stroke.

The surgery, which was to help restore blood flow to his brain, was a success, eliminating not only his risk of another stroke, but having to live with the fear of having one.

As a result of the surgery and disease, though, Tristen struggles with his speech, speaking too fast and often having to repeat himself several times.

Tristen turned to MCFI’s Brain Health program in 2019 to improve not only his speech but also his quality of life.

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